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What Can You Do? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Dittmer   
Tuesday, 07 April 2009
AFF Sentinel Vol.6#11

Time for Blocking & Tackling

Bill O'Reilly, the somewhat conservative host of "The Factor' on Fox News Channel guested on ultra-liberal David Letterman's show recently. They had discussed Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and O'Reilly. Finally, Letterman looked at O'Reilly and smirked, commenting about Rush,

"He's too smart to believe what he's saying. You're too smart to believe what you say."


It is such an impossible task for liberals to wrap their minds around concepts of liberty, freedom and capitalism, they can only believe we are reading from some crazy person's script. We cannot possibly believe this stuff ourselves.

Perhaps , in reverse, that's how we got here. Despite repeated warnings about Obama's, Pelosi's and Reid's intentions, some "moderate" folks didn't believe it. They simply couldn't imagine anyone wanting to dismantle the system that has done the most for the most people in history.

It is clear already that the very foundations of our country are threatened. After our last article outlining our peril, a reader asked, "Are people paying attention?" and "Do they realize what's going on?" and "What can we do?"

First, there are some reasons for hope.

The Senate has voted to make sure any cap-and- trade bill will need 60 Senate votes, thwarting Harry Reid's desire to just slip authorization in during budget Conference -- avoiding a floor vote.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum, commenting on the budget monstrosity bill on Greta Van Susteren's show: the sight of Biden and other party leaders twisting arms to get them to vote for the budget - not Republican arms but Democrat arms -- was a bad sign for Obama.

The book we mentioned in the last issue (Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny") sold out so fast most folks haven't been able to find one yet. But 7,000 people showed up at a book signing in Long Island, 5,000 more in Virginia -- more people than many High Plains towns -- for a book signing!! People are scared and angry.

Click here to see a book signing crowd like you've never seen - Mark Levin's on Long Island, N.Y.

The business community's anger and the furor raised over card check convinced Sen. Arlen Specter that businessmen would make stick their threat -- to back a candidate against him in the next primary (he was also behind in the polls). He's announced he will not support card check.

But these are chinks -- no more -- and the stakes are high -- before they get to health care and cap-and- trade and prepping for Copenhagen -- the Kyoto follow- up.

So, a "To Do" list: Not exciting but the blocking and tackling basics we need:

1.) Actively support your state and national trade associations. They are in place, have the credibility and the contacts to help fight these battles. But the more members they speak for, the better attention they get from politicians.

2.) Contact your two senators and your representatives. Call them, be concise and specific about what you object to. Follow up with e-mails. Mailed letters take two to four weeks to get through post-9/11 security. Visit their in-state offices and visit their staff. Go to and for lists of Congressional members and their contact information.

3.) The administration claims to want feedback. Go to At the upper right, click on "Contact Us," which brings up a form with a comment box.

4.) Each committee has a web page. Contact the chairman of the committee. Many committees have information on issues directly affecting our industry.

5.) Consider getting involved in elections at your local and/or state level. It all begins there.

For additional information on what Mark Levin calls a "counter counter-revolution:

  • Fox News' new site,
  • For information on local April 15 "Tea Parties," go to or google "tea party."
  • In your pick-up, monitor the conservative talk shows

AFF's founders were tired of illogical arguments based on short-sighted, emotional reactions getting media and Congressional attention. That's why we present facts and logical solutions -- to industry problems, national economic and political problems -- that affect our industry and our customers. Consider helping us.

While you may feel alone out choring, you are not alone, just outnumbered. The fact that quantitatively in agriculture we are vastly outnumbered makes it all the more important to stay informed and get involved. As one reader wrote, remember that most people know nothing about your business.

But there are people who share your values and your concerns.

"Is anybody listening ??" asked one reader. Let them know you are listening.!!

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 May 2009 )
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