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Primitive Island PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Dittmer   
Friday, 31 July 2009
AFF Sentinel Vol.6#17

Back to the Stone Age?

Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up! Walk the ship's gangplank to the new world! All natural, all green, no carbon! No belching smokestacks, factories, assembly lines, no electricity, nasty smoke - no more "industrial" anything. Your trusty sailing vessel will whisk you off to the utopian Primitive Island in just six weeks, back to pre-Industrial Revolution times.


On Primitive Island, you can be a craftsman. Weave your own cloth, make your own clothes. Eat only food you've raised yourself. Make your own tools, build your own home. Of course, you'll miss one "modern" convenience. No fires are allowed to pollute the island's air; all food will be eaten raw, unless the sun decides to power solar ovens. All your tools will be wooden or bone - no metal (no fires to work metal, remember?). Bring your musical instrument - there'll be no electronics, no electricity, no polluting manufacturing, no heavy equipment, no highways needed or possible. And, no livestock raised efficiently and competently, i.e. no "factory farming."

Are you ready for that world? Is this administration and Congress going to force you onto Primitive Island? President Obama is loading up his energy team with zealots who want to tax the bejeebers out of anything using oil or coal to manufacture or propel anything or - incredibly - even to raise food. If you happen to be in one of those horrible businesses, they intend to tax, end or take over your business: manufacturing, farming, assembly, electricity generation, mining, drilling. They're all bad, bad, bad. We used to fear being bombed back to the Stone Age. The environmental zealots will do it without bombs. They're going to use crippling taxes, fiats and a cap- and-trade scheme that makes bad people out of anyone who makes things, harvests natural resources or grows food.

Our utopian lawmakers, lawyers and zealots will do for industry and agriculture what Obama promised to do for coal-fired electrical plants - bankrupt them.

So what will happen? Ironically, we'll have no luxury time to appreciate that the very people the leftist anti-trade, elitist ruling class looks down their noses at, the foreign countries they scorn, will have the upper hand. In further irony, the East and Left Coasts, who have always looked down on the LandInBetween, will find themselves wrongly located. The people along the northern and southern borders will suddenly find themselves better positioned.

When industry and agriculture gets run out of Dodge, it will boom across the border in countries not stupid enough to kill themselves off. We've already "outsourced" much of our oil production. The refiners will set up in Mexico and Canada. Electricity will be generated in Mexico and Canada. We will have to buy power from them and hope the Green Team will allow transmission lines built to carry it here. All of those manufacturing jobs, the small fraction that had been done overseas the left and the unions had screamed about? No worries, mate. Now all of the manufacturing will be done overseas or next door. Hopefully, the zealots will allow us to buy from the manufacturing and farming non-believers. The unions can set up shop in Mexico or China and see just what they can organize.

We won't be concerned with job shortages. Neither Canada nor Mexico is capable of raising enough food to feed us. With no modern agricultural methods and equipment, no fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides allowed, a whole lot of Americans will be back on the farm, wielding hoes and scythes and trying to raise enough "really nutritious" food to avoid starvation.

Exaggeration ? Obama has bought cap- and- trade. He has not backed off his promise to destroy coal-fired electrical plants. He's brought back Carol Browner, a ferocious anti-carbon zealot and opponent of business. Pelosi had categorically stated when gas was $4.50 that drilling anywhere new offshore or in ANWAR was out of the question.

Cap-and-trade creates no energy. It cannot magically make alternative energy like wind or solar economical. Tens of billions of R&D dollars have not yet done so. The environmental zealots want to force us into an artificial structure, to tilt the playing field, making energy and manufacturing and farming so much more expensive that it costs as much as inefficient "green" sources - a zealot-created, faux- structured Green inflation.

While they talk "green" - meaning using no energy and producing no smoke - what they really mean is grabbing all the green in your bank account until everyone is reduced to grubbing in the ground like our distant ancestors.

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