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Whoa Again? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Dittmer   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009
AFF Sentinel Vol.6#23

Liberal Politicians Want Control of Health Care - and the "Good" Foods & "Bad" Foods List

Congratulations health care complainers! The Democratic leadership considers you a "mob" or a "coalition of cranks."

Sophisticated. When facts betray you, call 'em names!

Members of Congress and Senators up for re- election next year are spooked. Angry voters at townhall meetings are raking and spurring Congressmen over proposed health plans, over Congress' blindfolded methods of voting, over spending and the cap & trade bill. Some lily- livered Democrats are canceling townhall meetings or scheduling none.

The Administration and Congressional leadership want to get these plans through looking like candidate Obama promised. They are focused on ramming it through - or buying votes. They aren't capitulating. Instead they're spinning, telling people they are not seeing what they're seeing. Speaker Nancy Pelosi supplied cue cards to House members before recess, directing them to demonize the insurance companies as the source of all health care problems. One Democratic ad featured Pelosi accusing outraged citizens as just the richest Americans trying to avoid higher taxes.

The leadership is complaining that opposition at meetings is - horrors - "organized!" We disagree but treasure Charles Krauthammer's sarcastic, exquisite barb: "I thought community organizing was a high calling," the way President Obama described it.

The Congressional rank and file, however, is wavering. Could it be "Whoa Again" for those who believe that the solution to anything Big Government is trashing is to add more government? Could the American working stiff -- that trusting, mostly quiet, hard-working type, slow to anger and get in their Congressman's face - be about to rise up and smite the would-be Health Care Tyrants again? It happened to HillaryCare. The most recent citizens' revolt against Washington's, "Do Something ... Even if it's Wrong," mentality was the revolt against smuggling an ill-conceived immigration bill through Congress under cover of Christmas. People wanted immigration reform that made things better, not worse.

The Blue Dog Democrats, after intense meetings with House leadership, didn't get much -- except a month for voters to express themselves. August 2009 has morphed into the recess many Congressmen are writhing through, and a golden opportunity for voters with a distinct message for members: get out of my personal life and my pocketbook. Both the health care bill and the Cap and Trade Charade are motivating the people who not only would have to live under a destroyed economy and health care system but pay for it, to boot.

What about agriculture? Now is critically important to you -- and your consumers' disposal income. Contacting your House and Senate members is key. Call their local offices and find out where they'll be in person during the recess. Go to and Their numbers, addresses and e- mails are there.

Five of the "Gang of Six" Senate Finance Committee members conjuring a way to pay for health care "reform" are from agricultural states: Baucus- MT., Enzi-WY., Grassley-IA., Conrad-N.D. and Bingaman-N.M.

Dick Morris, in his fascinating new book, "Catastrophe," has given you more homework. Dick Morris was to Bill Clinton as Karl Rove was to George Bush -- canny political strategists who know how the levers work. Morris has reformed and advises conservative Americans now - revealing the liberal political mind as few can.

Morris answers a key political question. Why are the Democratic leaders so successful in getting their members to vote however the leadership wants? Previously, members got most of their money from constituents in their home district or state. Morris said the Democrats have changed that. Most of the funds go from prominent national donors and party PACs to the DNC, to be doled out by leadership. Cross Speaker Pelosi or Majority Leader Reid and the money and appearances could evaporate, re-election chances die.

Result: Democrat members can no longer ignore out-of-staters. Members' money comes from everywhere. That empowers you to bore in on them. Morris suggests targeting the Democratic senators up for re-election in 2010: Lincoln, Boxer, Bennet, Dodd, Inouye, Burris, Bayh, Mikulski, Reid, Gillibrand, Schumer, Dorgan, Wyden, Leahy, Murray and Feingold.

Morris then lists 52 so-called moderate House Democrats who voted with the liberal leadership 88 percent of the time or more in 2008. We've posted that list here.

(For ordering info on "Catastrophe.")

Others suggest targeting the self-described fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrats. That yields you many similar names. Go to and put "Blue Dog Coalition" into "Search."

If cost and taxes aren't reason enough, consider this: Congressmen have proposed restrictions and taxes on fat, sugar and animal products. Imagine them using the levers of a national health care system to enforce their agendas!

Next Time on Health Care: Some Key Points To Harp On

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