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Enviro Faithful Exhorted to Ignore The Fraud PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Dittmer   
Monday, 07 December 2009
AFF Sentinel Vol.6#35

Usually, it is only in the movies that a massive fraud begins unraveling so quickly. But the scandal unraveling in recent weeks of the real world global "warming" fabrication provides hope that maybe this man-made mushroom cloud of energy costs, regulations and restrictions might yet be avoided.

We had been encouraged all summer that most of the townhall meetings and rallies had included not just opposition to health care legislation, but to spending in general and cap & trade in particular. A year ago, much of the media and the slumbering populace had ignored cap & trade's threat. But now, with many voters suddenly as sensitive to threats as a deer and daily getting more growly over the chutzpah of arrogant politicians, more and more stories from skeptical scientists, dissenting politicians, the energy industry and affected businesses - most of them - are coming out.

If you've not followed the scandal rocking the global climate change world, here're the basics. Someone, probably a disgruntled employee, leaked over 3,000 e- mails from among a group of scientists who have supported the man-made global warming theory. Not just any scientists. These were the ones supplying the "data" for the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This UN panel's reports that global warming - which the rest of the world's data shows has not been happening for this decade at all - was due to man-made causes, has been the ultimate authority for the Kyoto Treaty, cap-&-trade systems in Europe, calls for such legislation in the U.S. and the upcoming Copenhagen summit. The e-mails revealed that the "scientists" had been manipulating the "data" and conspiring to suppress publication of contrary evidence. Pressed to share their raw data, they said it was "lost."

Now, even with cold, hard e-mail evidence that the high priests of global warming were fudging figures like "D" students in a high school chemistry class, the global warming zealots are coming out to rally the faithful. Nat Keohane of the Environmental Defense Fund was asked by Bill Hemmer (Fox News) if the e- mail revelations meant we should put the brakes on global warming legislation.

"No, not at all," Keohane said. "This is something for the scientific community to work through but it doesn't change our understanding of the underlying science or the "urgency" to get started - both for the future of the planet and our country's economy."

Oh really? It may not change your understanding of the underlying science Mr. Keohane because you haven't been paying much attention to the underlying science. The only underlying science you were paying attention to was the "science," - now revealed as fraudulent - that agreed with your philosophy that the planet was deteriorating like a rotting orange - caused by man. The rest of the science that disputed the manmade global warming theory you ignored. The economics you glossed.

Hemmer then asked Keohane about his "urgent" need to rush legislation.

"But what if it's not true?"

"First of all, these e-mails don't tell us anything we didn't know about the science," Keohane deadpanned.

Oh really? The e-mails revealed the methodology for falsifying the data, revealed instructions from the UN Intergovernmental Panel leader (Phil Jones) to other scientists to destroy e-mails and raw data, revealed who was in on the fix and mourned the "travesty" that their computer models couldn't explain the global cooling trends. Don't tell us much? All they do is validate why other scientists could not replicate their results - a basic scientific premise. All they do is reveal supposed high priests -- whose work should not be questioned -- as frauds out for grant money and worship from enviro-zealots.

Keohane pressed on, explaining decades of "science" - "all showing data unquestionably in the direction of this being real." All? Unquestionably? He must have attended the Al Gore School of Blindness to All But That Which One Wants to See. The last mule with blinders that effective was pulling my Grandpa's manure spreader.

While the enviro-zealots like Keohane airily dismiss scientific fraud as irrelevant, pretending its just a human foible thing among science guys, the three major broadcast networks are convincingly proving they are liberal shills, no matter how obvious the error or ignorance. Fully 13 days after the revelations of the e-mails explaining the fudging of the numbers -- one of the biggest scientific scandals in the history of civilization -- ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening "news" programs had yet to mention it.

Meanwhile, the faithful pilgrimage to Copenhagen, while China and India secretly chuckle and thankfully, our Congress dithers.


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