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Pincer Movement on Climate Change PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Dittmer   
Saturday, 19 December 2009
AFF Sentinel Vol.6#37
Recently the Obama Administration revealed the latest twist in its economy-wrecking strategy to force climate change restrictions. Speaking as a "background source," a "senior White House economic advisor" explained the pincer movement the Administration believed it had maneuvered Americans into.

The official explained the latest EPA salvo - the declaration that the CO2 that every living being exhales plus other greenhouse gases were endangering the health of the populace and required drastic government intervention - was just one arm of a pincer movement designed to trap Congress. The message was, pass cap & trade legislation or the EPA will begin raining down rules and regulations on businesses by fiat, the official confided.

Even more incredible than one branch of "our" government threatening another branch of government, chewing up its own citizens, revenue- providing taxpayers and its economy in the process, was the Administration's smokescreen.

The smokescreen? Cap & trade was a "marketplace" mechanism that business would much prefer to the EPA's almighty mandates, i.e. we're supposed to prefer trading a worthless commodity on a farcical exchange just because they call it a "market." Like we would prefer trading shares in a Martian mineral that would turn out to be as worthless as sand instead of just burning currency in the fires under the kettles of oil they're preparing to boil us in. Maybe burning currency isn't exempt from carbon caps.

Even former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, often the common sense guy in Europe, has been sucked into the manmade climate change farce fostered by one of his UK institutions. He said even if the science was wrong, we needed to agree to carbon restrictions in Copenhagen.

What would Al Gore say if his "expert" doctors told him, "We know our radiologist can't read MRIs and X-rays right but we just know something is wrong with your left leg, so we're going to cut it off. And since the saw was made by a capitalist, you'll like the procedure better than with a socialist saw."

What the fanatics gloss over is that, far from a mere power play to subjugate everyone that produces or consumes nearly anything, the cap & trade scheme is a veritable government money machine. Like setting up pigeons for a sting, the proponents lure their victims into the trap by telling them the carbon emission permits will be free the first few years. They neglect mentioning that later the permits will begin costing serious money, bringing in billions for the feds, a funding mechanism President Obama is counting on.

By comparison, the direct revenue from EPA fines would be piddling. The EPA's "endangerment" finding, timed to coincide with the Clown Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, is designed to hint to the Senate and the citizens the horrors the EPA has in store for everyone absent cap & trade shackles on American civilization. As if we didn't already fear the EPA like the IRS.

Questioned in Copenhagen after the official described the pincer movement, Lisa Jackson, EPA administrator, actually had the gall to use the words "common sense" and EPA regulations in the same sentence, saying EPA would use the former in crafting the latter. Like the barber saying he's just going to trim things up a bit, brandishing a chain saw and a weed whacker.

The official describing the strategy confirms this Administration's undisguised disdain for our intelligence, relying more on naked political power. When the executive branch promises us severe regulatory pain (EPA) and Obama has promised electricity rates will skyrocket and explains we should be happy there is another plank to walk, we're in trouble.

They ignore - because they must - the damning evidence from the East Anglia e-mails severely compromising the data analysis provided to the UN Intergovernmental Climate Change panel (UNIGCC). Not only did the e-mails confirm the existence of and explain the hoax, there was more evidence. Lord Monckton, a former Thatcher adviser, noted that someone took great care to zip together with the e- mails the computer code for the computer model. Embedded between lines of code are explanations of the fudge formulas, as well as disgusted comments from the programmer about the deplorable databases.

It is obvious the model was manipulated to transform the numbers into the results the "researchers" wanted. The e-mails and the codes are black and white evidence of a crime the leaders of the world are ignoring, determined to regulate regardless of data corruption.

And our government is deliberately forcing us into the trap.


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